Schedule of Fees and Regulations on Use of Prince-Pückler-Museum Park and Palace Branitz Foundation

(as of: 01 December 2023)

Article 1 Miscellaneous

The Prince-Pückler-Museum Park and Palace Branitz Foundation (hereinafter referred to as SFPM) is a foundation under public law with legal capacity and is based in Cottbus, Robinienweg 5.

The purpose of the SFPM is the preservation, maintenance, research, development and presentation of the complete artwork of garden and landscape design, architecture, interior design and the museum collections of Hermann Prince of Pückler-Muskau in Branitz. Branitz Park and Palace are to be used and developed as places of cultural life and the arts in the tradition of Hermann Prince of Pückler-Muskau, the arts of the 19th century and their reception.

Article 2 Scope

  1. The above Schedule and Regulations apply to the visit and use of SFPM’s properties and associated buildings owned by the foundation. The current version of the Park Regulations (available at: www.pueckler-musem.de) and the present Schedule and Regulations apply to the foundation’s own properties.
  2. By purchasing a ticket for exhibitions, events, guided tours or by entering the areas used by the museum and the associated properties, the visitor and the organiser accept the Schedule and Regulations and the Park Regulations as binding.

Article 3 Domiciliary right

  1. SFPM’s employees and third parties appointed/authorised by SFPM have sole domiciliary rights in all buildings and on all premises. Their instructions must be followed at all times.
  2. In particular, the security company working on site has been granted extensive authority so that its employees can ensure the safety of all persons as well as the cultural assets stored at Branitz. In specific action plans for emergency situations (such as accidents, fire, theft, bomb threats, etc.), the SFPM has defined courses of action that are to be implemented quickly (and without – where not provided for – prior consultation with the SFPM) in the case described.
  3. Persons who violate the provisions of the above Schedule and Regulations and the Park Regulations may be temporarily excluded from visiting the foundation’s premises and buildings, and in the case of repeated violations, permanently, in agreement with the Executive Director of the SFPM. The entrance fee will not be refunded.

Article 4 Behaviour

  1. Every visitor must behave in such a way that other visitors are not harassed. This also includes the observance of an appropriate minimum standard of hygiene.
  2. Smoking and the consumption of food or beverages brought along are not permitted in the areas used by the museum. Exceptions can be granted solely by the Executive Director of the SFPM.
  3. It is not permitted to touch the exhibits, unless they are explicitly designated for this purpose. A safety distance of one arm’s length from the respective exhibits must be maintained. All furniture shall be handled with care.
  4. External group tours, school classes, kindergarten and after-school groups and children under 14 years of age are also subject to the supervision of the accompanying persons. Without such an accompanying person, access is not possible.
  5. Animals must not be brought into the exhibition rooms. This does not apply to assistance dogs and guide dogs for the blind.
  6. Large bags (larger than DIN A4 format, i.e., approx. 25 x 30 cm and 20 cm in depth), rucksacks, suitcases, inline skates, umbrellas, sticks, wet clothing, etc., or shoes that may damage the historic floors must not be brought or worn into the areas used by the museum and must be locked in the lockers or kept in the cloakroom. We do not assume liability for the loss of or damage to items brought by visitors.
  7. For reasons of consideration for all visitors, mobile phones must be kept silent in areas used by museum. Phone calls are not permitted for the same reasons.
  8. Escape and emergency routes shall be kept clear at all times. The functional capability of alarm and rescue devices must not be changed.

Article 5 Photography, sound recording and filming

  1. Photography without flash, sound recording and filming exclusively for private purposes are generally permitted in the areas used by the museum. Objects that are marked accordingly must not be photographed.
  2. No permission can be granted for taking photographs, sound recordings or filming of items on loan displayed on SFPM premises.
  3. Express permission must be obtained in advance from SFPM for commercially or politically used photography, sound recordings or filming as well as wedding photography in the buildings and on the premises of SFPM. SFPM reserves the right to charge a separate fee. A contractual penalty of at least 1000 € shall be due in the event of non-compliance. Contraventions will result in claims for injunctive relief and damages (against which half of any contractual penalty paid will be offset).
  4. Any publication of photographs, sound or film recordings of the interiors, exhibitions and the exhibits is subject to the prior, written permission of SFPM. SFPM reserves the right to charge a separate fee. Contraventions will result in liability for damages.
  5. Notwithstanding the aforementioned provisions, the legal requirements of copyright law shall be observed.
  6. SFPM has the right to either claim unlawfully created photographs by handing over the film or to have digital photographs/video recordings permanently deleted on the memory card of the device immediately and in the presence of museum staff. Any claim for reimbursement of any costs is excluded.

Article 6 Video surveillance system

  1. A video surveillance system is used to secure SFPM’s buildings and exhibition rooms. The use of the video surveillance system is intended to comprehensively guarantee the security of the exhibits in the exhibition. The video surveillance system is used in particular to reduce or prevent damage and theft in the exhibition.
  2. The image data of the video surveillance system are processed exclusively in an independent unconnected system and are not transmitted to technical systems. The image data is only processed within the SFPM. The data is not passed on to third parties. In the event of a criminal offence, however, transmission to a police station is permissible. In the case of a criminal offence, longer-term storage is permitted.

Article 7 Opening hours/Guided tours

  1. The opening hours of SFPM are published appropriately on the buildings, in printed publications and on the Internet. They are subject to changes.
  2. Guided tours of the park and in the areas used by the museum are available to the public as well as by prior appointment.
  3. Cancellations up to one week before the date of the tour are free of charge. For cancellations up to one day before the agreed date, a fee of 50% of the amount to be paid will be charged. The full price will be charged for cancellations within 24 hours before the scheduled date.
  4. In the event of a delayed arrival at the contractually agreed start of the tour by more than 30 minutes, the claim of the person liable for payment of the booked tour expires. If possible, a substitute tour will be offered. If additional costs are then incurred, these are to be borne by the person liable for payment.
  5. Guided tours of the premises and associated buildings may only be carried out by tour guides licensed by SFPM. Each person entitled to perform guided tours receives a corresponding identity card from SFPM for identification purposes.
  6. The respective guided tours must be registered in advance by e-mail to service@pueckler-museum.de, stating the date, time, number of persons, group name and method of payment. A contractual penalty of 500 € will be due for unauthorised or unannounced tours.
  7. In the event of an increased number of guided tours in the Palace, the partners shall agree on the tour route in the Palace before they start in order to avoid mutual interference between the guided tours and other visitors to the Palace. The instructions of the security and supervisory staff in the Palace and the SFPM staff must be followed.

Article 8 Fees

  1. Fees are charged for the entry and use of services on the basis of the price list (Annex 1) and the fee for the use of rented areas and rooms (Annex 2). The fees will be due upon use of the service. There shall be no refund of fees.
  2. Anyone who claims or arranges for the service or who has assumed the costs by express declaration shall be obliged to pay the fees and expenses. Expenses shall be payed even if no fees are charged for the use or service.
  3. The attached Schedules of Fees are an integral part of these Schedule and Regulations of Fees and Use and may also specify reductions or exemption from charges for individual persons and groups of persons.
  4. The single admission ticket is valid all day on the day of purchase.
  5. The Executive Director of the SFPM decides on fees for special and specialist guided tours, price reductions, free use, special opening hours for groups, tourism and tour operators.
  6. SFPM is entitled to make deviating agreements to the above Schedule and Regulations for special uses (e.g. cooperative events).

Article 9 Terms of use

  1. The Schedule of Fees and Regulations on Use in their current version shall become part of the Venue Hire Agreement of the foundation’s own rooms and areas. A written contract must always be concluded for each service within the meaning of these Regulations or use.
  2. Consent for the use of the foundation’s own areas and rooms can only be granted if the intended use does not contradict the monumental character of the historical park and the ensemble buildings as well as the foundation’s statute, guiding principles, and, in particular, conservational and historic garden conservation requirements or public museal use do not conflict with this.
  3. If services are not used despite the conclusion of the agreement, SFPM must be notified in writing at least 10 days before the planned use or service. If the user fails to notify SFPM in good time, he shall be obliged to pay the contractually agreed charges plus any costs incurred by SFPM. The user may demand that SFPM release the user from the obligation to pay if SFPM has received another service or has otherwise made the room(s) or space(s) available which the user wanted to use initially.
  4. SFPM may terminate the Venue Hire Agreement without notice at any time for an important reason and demand the immediate termination of the use. An important reason is considered to be, for example, if:
    1. the general and specific terms of use agreed in the agreement are not observed.
    2. a public interest requires the termination of the agreement.
      Such a public interest exists in particular if, in the context of the intended or actual use, disturbances to public safety or order occur or are to be feared in the light of the situation, willful damage to property must be avoided or the reputation of SFPM and political, cultural and/or other representatives will be damaged or is threatened to be damaged. In such cases, the claim to payment of the agreed fees remains valid. The user is not entitled to claims for damages against SFPM in such cases.
    3. the user assigns his rights under his agreement to third parties without the consent of SFPM. The user is not entitled to sublet or rent the rented rooms or areas to third parties or to use them for purposes other than those specified in the agreement.
  5. The hirer/user is obliged to register his event with SFPM at least one month before the planned date.
  6. Event regulations, house and park rules, traffic regulations, guidelines and regulations are to be observed. The orders of the foundations’s employees, the security company operatin on site, the police, fire brigade and public order office have to be followed.
  7. The guidelines of the Brandenburg Ordinance on Places of Assembly must be strictly observed. The hirer/user shall submit all necessary applications and agree them in advance with SFPM.
  8. Any charges incurred and charges associated with the use, such as GEMA etc., and permits shall be obtained in good time and presented to the lessor. The hirer/user shall bear any charges that may be incurred. The Venue Hire Agreement does not replace any necessary permits.
  9. Requirements regarding building regulations must be applied for in each individual case (e.g. when erecting structural facilities, so-called ‘flying constructions’, such as booths, tents and stages). This does not apply to insignificant ‘flying constructions’ with an area of less than 75 m² and a height of less than 5 m, which do not have to bear any major loads or which do not pose any danger to the general public (according to § 76 Abs. BbgBO).

Article 10 Liability

  1. SFPM shall be liable for accidents, damage and losses resulting from the poor condition of the rooms and areas made available and their accesses and of the inventory provided or from breach of the obligations it has assumed, only in the case of own intent or gross negligence or intent or gross negligence attributable to its agents. This limitation of liability shall not apply to damages resulting from injury to life, body or health caused by an intentional or negligent breach of duty on the part of its staff or agents.
  2. SFPM accepts no liability whatsoever for any third-party items brought in.
  3. SFPM is entitled to make the permission of use of rooms or areas subject to the condition that the user takes out a liability insurance policy against personal injury and damage to property and provides SFPM with proof of such insurance or, on request, provides security of an appropriate amount.
  4. The user is liable for all damage to SFPM’s buildings, inventory, equipment and other facilities and installations resulting from use.
  5. The user is not entitled to make structural changes.
  6. SFPM is entitled to withhold and/or use, in whole or in part, any security provided by the user until the damage to property for which the user is responsible has been rectified or until the lost items have been recovered. The user is entitled to an invoice.

Article 11 Security deposit

  1. A deposit in the amount of the basic rent may be charged to the user or hirer as security for the fulfilment of the obligations arising from the Venue Hire Agreement. In the case of non-profit events, associations pursuant to Section 52 of the German Fiscal Code and those that are not assessed for corporate income tax pursuant to Section 1 (1) of the German Corporate Income Tax Act, the levy may be waived.
  2. The deposit may be withheld if damage has occurred during the use of the premises and the hirer does not remedy this at short notice after being requested to do so or if the rental claim has not been paid in time.
  3. If the deposit exceeds the amount of the damage to be compensated, the remaining amount of the rent will be refunded. If the damage to be compensated exceeds the amount of the deposit, the obligation of the hirer to compensate for the damage remains unaffected. If no damage is found, the deposit will be refunded after the event.

Article 12 Entry into force

  1. This Schedule of Fees and Regulations on Use enter into force on 1 January 2024.
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