Branitz is the most important platform for the scientific and journalistic processing of Pückler’s written legacy. The results are published in publications – above all in the edition branitz series. The foundation has an extensive and valuable stock of information sources in the form of a wide variety of media, which are available for scientific research and to the interested public. In addition to the collections, these include books, photographs, maps, restoration and research documentation, archive records and much more. Of particular value are, apart from our own stocks, the copies of the Prince’s written legacy, which are kept in Branitz. The originals are now part of the Varnhagen collection in the Jagiellonian Library in Kraków. The files of the Branitz estate archive are kept in the Brandenburg State Archive in Potsdam.
Pückler’s written legacy
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Branitz estate archive
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Edition Branitz
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Schreiben Ferdinand von Arnims

Manual von 1848

Ludmilla Assing: Briefwechsel und Tagebücher des Fürsten Pückler, 1876

Wandmessbild aus dem “Türkischen Zimmer” im Schloss Branitz