About us

The Prince-Pückler-Museum Park and Palace Branitz Foundation (Stiftung Fürst-Pückler-Museum Park und Schloss Branitz) is a foundation under public law with legal capacity, based in Cottbus and supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, the State of Brandenburg and the City of Cottbus.

The foundation has the task of preserving and supplementing the cultural assets entrusted to it, taking into account historical, art and garden historical and cultural heritage preservation concerns, making them publicly accessible and enabling the evaluation of these cultural assets for the interests of the general public, especially in the fields of science and education. This includes in particular:

1. the architectural and horticultural maintenance and restoration of the properties and the cultural monuments in compliance with the requirements of the protection of historical monuments, the preservation of historical buildings and historic garden conservation,

2. ensuring the use of the cultural monuments, in particular as a museum, by the general public in a manner compatible with the preservation of monuments and gardens, and the maintenance of facilities used for the support of visitors,

3. the maintenance and expansion of the museum collections as well as the digital analysis and communication of the collection objects,

4. the scientific and journalistic review and documentation of the existing cultural heritage as well as public relations activities and cultural education,

5. cooperation with national and international sites and institutions that preserve and research the heritage of Hermann Prince of Pückler-Muskau.

Articles of association