To this day, it is the works of art, the objects of everyday culture, documents and books that can be traced back to the princely couple themselves or to the Pückler family, that form the heart of the Branitz collections. These include, for example, the ancestral gallery and the Pückler-Callenberg family library. From the 1980s onwards, the collections were expanded to include works from the 19th century, archived documents, editions of Pückler’s works, and evidence of his work as a writer and park designer. Further additions include objects of 19th-century garden art, furniture and decorations – also as replacements and supplements for lost parts of the historic interior decoration in the Palace.
Since 1955 the works of the Cottbus-born painter Carl Blechen have been displayed in Branitz, as well as other paintings and graphics from the municipal art collection.
Pückler collection
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Cultural and historical collection
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Carl Blechen Collection
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Carl Blechen Heidelberger Schlossruine um 1831

Carl Blechen: Heidelberger Schlossruine, um 1831

Schloss Branitz um 1840

Schloss Branitz um 1840

Fuerstin Lucie aus Branitz an Tochter 1846

Brief Fürstin Lucies, 1846

Kanopenkrug mit Falkenkopf 1000-500 v. Chr.

Kanopenkrug mit Falkenkopf
1000-500 v. Chr.

Nach Bertel Thorvaldsen Sommer

nach Bertel Thorvaldsen: Sommer

Pfoerten aus Alexander Duncker um 1855

Alexander Duncker: Pfoerten, um 1855

Pueckler-Ehrung 1985

Pueckler-Ehrung 1985


Georg Melchior Kraus: Familie Callenberg beim Musizieren, 1773