Libraries and photo library

The historical library room with more than 4000 volumes of the Pückler-Callenberg Library is the heart of the Palace. Furthermore, there are the scientific reference library and the photo library.

The library and photo library belong to the SFPM’s treasure troves. They preserve, index, research and provide access to the monograph and journal stock and the legacy of the Prince and the noble family.
The entire stock comprises approximately 15,000 monographs and journals on the art and cultural history of the 19th and 20th centuries, the built heritage and historic garden conservation, regional and Prussian history, and the life and work of the Prince of Pückler-Muskau and his descendants. The collection is being continuously indexed and digitised. In addition to the Pückler-Callenberg Library with the historical book collection in the Palace, there is also the SFPM’s scientific reference library.
The photo library, where historical and contemporary photographs are archived for scientific and cultural heritage work, is currently being developed.
Pückler-Callenberg Library
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Scientific reference library
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Photo library
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Bibliothek im Schloss Branitz

Die illustrierte Welt 1866

“Die illustrierte Welt”, 1866

Tutti Frutti und Briefe eines Verstorbenen

Erstausgaben Pücklers Werke, 1830-34

Die illustrierte Welt mit Randnotizen des Fuersten

Randnotizen Fürst Pücklers in “Die illustrierte Welt”, 1865