Branitz Palace

The living world of Prince Pückler

The Palace – a real gem

Edged like a precious gem by the gardens of the Pleasure Ground, Branitz Palace lies at the heart of the park landscape. The late baroque Palace, once the mansion of his ancestors, was extensively rebuilt by Prince Pückler from 1846 onwards. The elaborately designed interiors give an impression of the unusual life of Prince Pückler, who today is probably known to most people as the eponym of an ice cream creation. In reality, Prince Pückler was one of the most exciting persons of the 19th century, known as a successful writer, Oriental traveller, dandy, womanizer, witty companion and lover of exquisite food.

Noblesse and homeliness

The cultivation of lifestyle was brought to the highest perfection in the Palace, where noblesse and homeliness were combined. The rooms impress with a unique originality: on the upper floor Pückler set up three colourful and magnificent Orient Rooms as a personal memento of his journey to the Orient.

Also unique are the Library and the magnificent Music Room in the late rococo style (Zopfstil), which is originally preserved from the time the Palace was rebuilt in 1772. Today special events take place here and you can get married in this princely ambience.

Colourful and exotic

Also well worth seeing are the stylish Dining Room for nightly dinners and the purple and golden Breakfast Room. The equally colourful Drawing Rooms, which the Prince had furnished for his official guests, are an indication of personal taste and sense of style. The interior decoration designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel with its colourful, oriental patterned wallpapers and noble silk damask coverings, the furniture and chandeliers corresponded to the Prince’s exquisite taste. The faithfully reproduced living and social rooms can be visited with a guided tour of the Palace or independently.

Hermann Prince of Pückler

Hermann Prince of Pückler

‘Proud by birth and liberal by thought and judgment.’

Branitz Park

‘the greenest of the oases’

Branitz park
Branitz palace

Branitz Palace

‘Splendour and taste in the highest combination’