Pückler-Callenberg Library

The Pückler-Callenberg Library is one of the most important libraries of the Lusatian nobility. It contains historical collections that go back to the 18th century and date back to the Prince’s great-grandfather, Johann Alexander Count of Callenberg (1697-1776). Prince Pückler brought this family library with him from Muskau and expanded the stock.

Today, after many losses in the post-war period, 4,500 of the once 15,000 books of the Palace Library are still available, most of which are in the possession of the community of heirs of the Counts of Pückler. In addition to the first editions of Pückler’s own works, these include historical and philosophical works, travel and garden literature, novels, short stories, poetry and journals, as well as literature in foreign languages. Of particular source value are the five table books that list the guests of the Prince and the food and drinks they enjoyed from 1854 onwards.

The books presented in the Palace Library are not intended for use. A research of the title data is possible through the library catalogue. Please register in advance.

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Bücher der Familie Callenberg, 18. Jh.

Schreibtisch in der Bibliothek von Schloss Branitz

Fürst Pückler: Tutti Frutti, 1834

Bibliothekskatalog der Familie Callenberg, 1746