Photo library

The SFPM’s photo library collects and preserves historical and contemporary photographs of Branitz Palace, the history of the Pückler family, the Branitz parks, properties and the associated art collections.
The collection includes both glass plate negatives and diapositives as well as digital photographs.
The photo library, which is currently being developed, serves primarily for scientific and historic preservation works.
Please register in advance for research and use of the photo collection.

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Maria Dartsch


Maria Lutz
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Schloss Branitz Speisezimmer Postkarte

Speisezimmer von Schloss Branitz, um 1910

Fotothek Diasammlung

verschiedene Bildträger

Messbild Musikzimmer Branitz

Wandmessbilddetail aus dem Musikzimmer von Schloss Branitz, 2018 

Hauptfront Schloss Branitz

Carl von Wieland: Hauptfront von Schloss Branitz, 1869