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Prince-Pückler-Museum Park and Palace Branitz Foundation
(Stiftung Fürst-Pückler-Museum Park und Schloss Branitz (SFPM)

Pyramide im Tumulussee

Photo: Andreas Franke

Seepyramide im Pyramidensee, Foto: Hans Bach

Photo: © SFPM/Hans Bach

Blick zum Branitzer Schloss von der Weißen Brücke

Photo: © SFPM/Hans Bach

Schloss Branitz

Photo: © SFPM/Hans Bach

Blick in die Pückler-Calllenberg-Bibliothek

Photo: © SFPM/codiarts

Frühstückszimmer ©SFPM, Foto: Codiarts

Photo: © SFPM/codiarts

Download of photographs for editorial reporting

Here you can find photos of Branitz Park and Palace. The photos may be used free of charge for editorial reporting only, provided the author is named.

General information on the use of footage

Photography, TV recordings and filming in Branitz Park and Palace are not generally free. In particular, the foundation reserves the right to consent to filming and its use for commercial purposes, interior shots and shots of facilities not located on public roads. The use of footage taken by the SFPM Foundation and the production of photographs for commercial use is subject to a fee.

Photograph requests

Please send your photograph requests and reproduction requests with details of the publication (title, author, year of publication, edition etc.) and the required motifs by e-mail to: