Branitz estate archive

The estate records of the Branitz estate are kept in the Brandenburg State Main Archive in Potsdam (Rep. 37 Branitz). In addition to Pückler’s written legacy in the Varnhagen Collection, they are an outstanding source for research on the family, the person of the Prince, Branitz (e.g. Park and Garden Matters) and other estates (Muskau, Burg Waldstein, Kahren etc.) The Family Archive there also contains parts of the Prince’s personal legacy, such as manuscripts, letters and, for example, his extensive collection of addresses, notes and recipes along with company brochures, business cards and catalogues of goods. Some of the original income and expenditure journals can only be viewed in Branitz and are mainly in the possession of the community of heirs of the Counts of Pückler.

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verschiedene Archivalien

Manuale und Journale

Cover Tagebuch Puecklers

Tagebuch Fürst Pücklers

Cover Preisverzeichnis Thonwaarenfabrik

Preisverzeichnis der Tonwarenfabrik March, um 1850