Pückler collection

The museum’s core collection comprises today some 7,500 objects, most of which are in the possession of the community of heirs of the Counts of Pückler. These include the portraits of the Ancestral Gallery, the Pückler-Callenberg Library, furniture, arts and crafts, sculptures, an extensive collection of graphics, weapons and stained glass. An important part of the collection is the objects that the Prince had brought back from his numerous journeys, but also pieces of the furnishings of the Palace. Branitz was in the possession of the Pückler family from 1696 to 1945. The collection contains documents and testimonials from all periods and adds to a steadily growing noble cultural heritage in Brandenburg. Further focus areas of this collection are objects and evidence of the Pückler perception as well as the archival documents regarding Princess Lucie von Pückler-Muskau.

Erinnerungsbilder Fürst Pücklers, 1827-30

Stich nach Franz Krüger: Hermann von Pückler-Muskau, 1826

Otto Hermann: Blick auf die [Muskauer] Schlösser, 1834

Kopiermappe, um 1827

Sebelscheide, vor 1813

Reisecassabuch Fürst Pücklers, 1835-36

Reisetruhe Fürst Pücklers

Schild mit Thugra Mahmud II., um 1839