Work in progress: Workshop exhibition on the Orient rooms in Branitz Palace

During a break in the restoration work, the Orient Rooms, one of the main attractions in Branitz Palace, have been reintegrated into the tour of the Palace and are accessible to visitors.

This intermediate opening of the Orient Rooms is accompanied by an exhibition. Under the title Work in progress: Restoration and reconstruction in the Orient Rooms, the exhibition uses concrete examples to shed light on the processes of restoration – from wallpapers to room textiles – and presents the first results.

Pückler had the three rooms furnished as a retreat and for the inclusion of his Oriental souvenirs collection between 1852 and 1862 as the Turkish Cabinet, Turkish Room and Pipe Cabinet. However, little of the original furnishings of the rooms has been preserved. Inventory lists and pictorial sources that could provide information about the kind of furniture, the works of art and room textiles are missing. In order to make Prince Pückler’s living environment come alive, the rooms are to be given an interior character. 

In the Turkish Room, instead of a divan, a round bench made after a historical model now invites visitors to linger; fragments of the tobacco pipe shelf have been added and oriental weapons have been arranged on the wall as in former times.