PÜCKLER INDUSTRIOUS. Energy & Fantasy in Branitz.

Temporary exhibition from 28 April until 31 October 2021 in the Stables & pleasure ground at Branitz Park

“Times are cracking like glaciers, say beautiful and true! But who makes these times but we ourselves?”

Today, glaciers melt rather than “crack” – as the Prince described in 1864. A development which had begun with the advent of the Industrial Revolution at the end of the 18th century. What did this „industrious“ world look like, the opportunities of which Pückler at first appreciated and knew how to utilise? Which parts of it were and still are visible in his park landscapes until today?

The temporary exhibition tells about a rather unknown side of the Prince who monitored the trends of his days attentively. Already in 1846, Pückler envisioned a fountain with a high water-jet in his Branitz Park and wanted to use a steam engine to operate it, what eventually failed, though, due to a lack of funds.

However, many products of contemporary manufacturing – ordered by catalogue – served to embellish the Prince‘s oasis: sculptures, reliefs, adornments and decorative elements, art pieces created through iron and zinc casting, or terracotta.

Re-discover the Branitz pleasure ground, the „open-air salons “, and celebrate with us 175 years of the Branitz park landscape!